Undercover in the Library- 4

Undercover with the gift from a dear friend :) I love you!

Aaaah, I was so close to starting my paper, but I had to do 5 simultaneous things in one day, all related to academia. A very wise dear friend once told me that if you succeed in doing one thing in a foreign country you can be very happy that day.. So I managed to find Physics Library, barrow a book and use the copier machine with my copy-card. Wow! Yes, then I will not torture myself about not starting the paper.. In 5 minutes the library is closing... Let me see if I can finish this post..

So, what is Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)? As it is evident from it's name, it is based on scientific evidence where the best evidence is considered to be the meta-analysis of  randomized control trials (RCT).

Then what are RCTs? Being one of the experimental/ intervention studies, they are conducted with subjects/patients that meet certain criteria in order to decide an outcome of an intervention. If you wanna know more then read the italic part, if not just skip it ;) Subjects that are intervened are distributed randomly to two groups, one being control and another treatment group; and in a given time with an adequate number of subjects, outcomes are collected and metaanalysis is done by statisticians and researcher. The analyzed intervention is applied to treatment group and usually placebo used for the control group. One of the most important aspects of RCTs is that they try to eliminate bias by blinding. They might only use placebos for eliminating bias for the participants as well as might use double blinding by also not informing the researchers about which intervention given to which group. There are also triple and quadruple blindings where in addition, study investigators and statisticians respectively are blinded. 

Our doctors base their decisions mostly on meta-analysis of RCTs to prescribe us some drugs, to relieve our symptoms. They cannot tell us to do other things because they have to obey the rules of EBM. Do you ever remember going to a doctor with a cold infection and the doctor asking if you slept regularly for the last couple of days, or whether you are under stress due to your job/ school? Or if you have a troubling relationship with the significant other.. In general, they are not designated to find the cause of an illness, they are designated to relieve the symptoms. But is this curing? (Surgical removings put aside) Can all of us be treated with average approaches? Am I an individual with a history or an average person with an average height? Oh they do not care about this in EBM.. If you care you become "Alternative"!

Mechanical thinking govern our lives in every little bits and pieces...

So much about the EBM... How it will be connected to the time travel has to wait for another post.. This has already been a mechanical and a boring post :) And the beautiful song of "library closing" with the announce "Bitte beachten Sie .... :)" propagating right now..

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  1. okay,so in this months popular science there is a guy that drops people from 150 ft out of the air on a net to frighten them enough that they experience time slowing down, like you do in a car wreck, that kind of thing. He said time was just our perception of time. He put chronometers on the people's wrists that flashed number 1-9, but too fast to be read. Then he asked the falling people to look at the chronometers and see if they could read the numbers, when they experienced time slowing down. They did experience time slowing down, but they still couldn't see the numbers....so time was still actually passing as quickly, not just by perception. But then another scientist said that the reason they felt that time slowed down was because we have an adaptive mechanism when our survival is threatened, and our brain processes information twice as fast as usual--so that is why you feel you see everything clearly, and your brain tells you 4 seconds has past, when it is really just 2 seconds but the speed of your mental processes has increased and your focus allows you to take in twice as much info, leading you to experience it as if twice as much time passed. THEN...he did some experiments--oh, I am tired---but the result was--in the end, ( do I have to explain why> is there blog etiquette?) --they found out that your brain sees a pattern, like coffee cup, coffee cup, flower, coffee cup, coffee cup, dog, and each time a new image ( not coffee cup) is introduced, you perceive that image as being shown for a longer duration, although it was not shown for a longer duration. Your brain sort of shortcuts/bypasses the familiar image ( yeah yeah yeah, another coffee cup) and notices the different one, thus experiencing it as being shown longer. But its just using less brain attention to process the coffee cup. So then, ( pant pant, maybe you can buy this dumb magazine in Germany, sooo much easier)....they said your brain is always in a constant monologue--or sort of dialogue with yourself, but its synchronized, and your brain knows how to give things selective attention( oh rats--there is another expirement, but trust me, they have a reason) but schizophrenics are not synchronized, their head voices, they perceive their thoughts as happening in different times--so they have auditory hallucinations. By working with them with these simple tools of attention and time perception, they were able to get rid of people's auditory hallucinations and reduce the affect of schizophrenia.

    And then she fainted.

    Is this in ANY way related to stuff you are thinking about time? Probably not.

    I like your blog now that its not just product advertisements....its nice. bye...love you--nin


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