Undercover in the Library

The secrets of universe are revealed by the undercover owl..

I cannot believe how I did not think of this before. Taking the pictures with my laptop. It's Friday and I am tired. Just hanging out in the library. In the reading lounge and finally showing a picture of it! This is the place I take a break, chat, sleep, check out facebook, emails :) Everybody take their shoes off, put their legs up, sleep or read. It's so cozy. 

I have joined the classes this week. Only two of them. I would like to attend some more and in a diversity. Here in Philosophy department not many people are interested in Logic. Moreover, recently, I started to have doubts about effectiveness and adequacy of Logic and Language after studies of Relativity, Incompleteness and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). How are these things related?  Well, Incompleteness Theorem showed that logic is not able to capture all the truths of mathematics. A lot of people thought, it actually showed the boundaries of mathematics, except the person who proved it. He believed mathematics had much more than logic can prove. Only getting out of the formal thinking and by intuitively grasping one has a chance to understand the "whole" mathematical truth, he claimed... Relativity Theory denied the theory of absolute time since "now" cannot be the same for the two observers travelling with different speeds. The methods EBM are using must be mechanical and they ignore individuals. So, when you go to a doctor for some illness you get something for symptom relief and nobody really looks for the causes in your lives. 

I think we are going in the wrong direction with our methods in science and living... Stay tuned I will explain why in the next posts...

Would love to hear your thoughts as well. Do not hesitate to comment ;)


  1. This reminds me oriental medicine which works more like a language of analysis for complexity rather than a mathematical process reducing and isolating equations/symptoms.

    most probably as you say what we need is a new kind of thinking.

  2. maybe even sth different than thinking ;)


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