On a given Thursday

When I was leaving my house yesterday I opened the mail box and found a lovely package from my lovely friend! She filled the package with spring colors. It made my day, and I put every color on me immediately! I actually needed them :)

Another spring thing for me or rather my new challenge is to ride my bike hands free! I try it at nights when I go back to my house from the library since the streets are empty. It's so hard! It's as if learning to ride a bike all over again. But I think I learned the latter faster since I was a bit braver or was used to falling more... I will google for insider tips for hands free bike riding. If you know some, please share. Shall I use my legs for the balance, or my abdominal muscles or what?..Ugh it's so hard. 

I woke up pretty early today, without an alarm clock although I went to bed quite late. It was great cos' I had the time to practice full primary series. I even had a cappuccino in this lovely street  before my German class started at 10 am. 

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