Undercover in the Library - 2

Hiding between the books... reporting...

While volcano's ashes in the air and me having a mild congestion I will try to explain the secrets of the universe  just a bit further today...

Most of the mathematicians usually work as carpenters and regard their material as quite real and secure. They build structures and those structures turn out to be quite solid... But also there is meta-mathematics...Which means analyzing mathematics with the tools of mathematics... We will come back to that..

When quantifier logic was established by Frege, it was phenomenal. People went crazy over it! It was the code of the universe! Well not really... But they really thought they can deduct all the mathematics and language from the logical rules. They, after all thought, logical rules as the descriptive rules of thinking and it was the code right then and there. And mathematical tools got even stronger and practical... A second Pythagorean phase was at stake, fortunately Godel was not killed when he revealed the Incompletenes Theorem to the public...

1. What comes after this? Paradoxes?
2. Why do we generally work 8 hours a day?
3. Will I be ever able to fly to London again?
4. Is Artificial Intelligence possible?
5. Are numbers real things? Ideas? Thoughts?

They will be all linked... No worries.. Oh not the third one. I was just wondering!

Today's great news: I got the DAAD scholarship. Yay!

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