Awesome weather in Berlin

View from our Balcony

My semi Aegean semi German breakfast :)

Ah the blue sky in Berlin...

Enjoying my breakfast on this particular Wednesday..

Looking at our garden, it's the one with the tree house

I thought about having my breakfast in the garden. It's quite warm here.. It took too much planning to have a picnic by myself, so instead I had a lovely one in our balcony... 

Listening to the Piano's soundtrack. I have to leave the house soon... Some errands to run... Will I be brilliant today and start my paper?  I was feeling so smart yesterday :) "More than one" coffee effect.. I think caffeine uses some extra reserved energy.. Oh also it's full moon. Head strong energy is in the air..

Undercover in the library - 4 will be coming soon... What's wrong with EBM? Are we all average people having average symptoms to average diseases?  

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