New Methods

Everybody has their own ways for each and every path in life. We have to develop methods to survive, to cope, to live. Now I came to a point where I realize I have to change my ways of doing things because they are not working anymore. To find a new method is not a piece of cake. I am sure if I google it I can get a lot of help. Even learning programming which in the past I dreaded so much is now a piece of cake. Well LaTeX is not really programming but still, thanks to google it's so easy to learn and implement it.

I think most of us do not give ourselves enough credit for what we accomplish and for that reason we cannot find enough motivation for the forthcoming projects. Like I said everybody has different methods for different ways in life. For writing a big project what could be done to motivate oneself? I read here that one grad student was allowing herself one square of chocolate for every written paragraph. LOL, the other one just got himself a car since he reduced alcohol consumption! Sounds like a good technique. Do you have any other suggestions?

The photo by Kaan, in Bebek Kitchenette...

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