Design Tuesday

If you could see our bedroom nowadays you could not guess that I am actually a very tidy and organized person. But that also explains why I cannot study very good nowadays. My mind is a chaos, so is the room I live in, or the other way around. And I think it's official that I feel a bit more down on Tuesdays than the other days.. Although I had other things to post, very productive design and photoshop ideas, all I could stare was these white, calming rooms...

I am so far away from my paper. I want to write about other stuff but not about rotational universe models, their intuitive possibility or whether if we will ever be able to imagine the mathematical models when they have more than four dimensions... I am trying to caricaturize the ideas, read more, to start with correcting the paper, but it's just not working. I cannot get into it....I wish there were a group of people that I could discuss and write the paper with.. Sigh..I just made my self more depressed at this very moment... Officially signing off for the day...

The image via jjlocations located in UK


  1. It looks beautiful, everything white and that... I guess nobody's living there for real, maintanance must be very high, who's cleaning that? :)

  2. :) they are renting this to mostly photographers which makes a lot of sense right?


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