My practices are now about 40 minutes with the finishing. I did not practice the whole weekend..(Well then I found out Sunday was full moon anyway :)) I skip two standing asanas every time and practice only up to navasana plus bakasana. Everyday I say to myself, OK I will do a full series, at least up to bakasana. But I feel so tired nowadays. I gained two kilos, which is OK, but do not want to gain more. Plus I might have lost some muscles.. Well anywhoo... I am hoping for some progress in my yoga practices. I do not know what I can do, but I am just hoping for now...

My dissertation's progress is quite slow and I keep reading stuff to motivate myself. And keep telling myself that unless I do not stop it's still OK. Yesterday I read about Kaizen's method, but I do everything that can be utilized according to this method. My most inspiring blog collection for writing a dissertation "To Do: Dissertation" did not post anything, now for more than one week. And usually there is quite stuff . Well anywhoo, hope goes for the dissertation too. Just feeling extremely tired. Sigh..

Picture was taken this Sunday in old Tempelhof Airport, now the Tempelhof Park. Missing the weekend..

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