Yoga and Life 4

There are some moods you want to be in forever. When you are feeling loved and in love, when feeling great in the nature, when you are with your favorite family members or with your favorite friends, you are in it. In a beautiful mood/ world/ feeling that you just wanna pack it up in your luggage and carry with you everywhere.

Yoga is like that. It's a practice alright. But it's a mood. When you start your practice it's a totally different world where you can feel every inch of your body, listen to your breath, get rooted to the earth.. And it's a lucky thing it kinda only depends on you.. There are more home practices nowadays and it's different than studio ones. Each kind is different. In the latter you are more motivated but also more aware of the surroundings, other yogis and yoginis, your yoga teacher coming and giving adjustments. When you are at home it's only you, your breath and you are your own lead. Beautiful..

It's almost holidays..Still feeling tired but loving the new yoga mat... And me need to work, work, work, till Saturday..

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  1. Merry Christmas!!
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