Before the afternoon I wrote about space and time and my college adviser was in my head telling me, how did you arrive at this conclusion, why did you use 'thus' here, you could elaborate this quotation...

In the afternoon, I practiced till bakasana. With my ashtanga yoga teachers in my head telling me, move the left kidney forward, push your legs towards the ground, breath out slowly and fully.

Once you get the voices in your head (well not that voices), I think, until the next level you can have your own controlled practice (Because also as my college adviser said once: Not practice, controlled practice makes perfect).

 I was a bit sad that I quit studio practices since I was improving really fast. But then now I am getting better instead on the self practice, observing myself,  self discipline. I am slowing down on the physical side but learning much more about the other aspects of the yoga..

Instead of focusing how long my  practice took and how many asanas I was doing, I focused on each asana, and explored the details. And as a result my practice had a better flow than previous ones.

Now have to resume studying. Nowadays, I do creative writing without any editing in the mornings, reading in the middle and then editing as the last thing. It will get better.. If you do it everyday, you get better at doing it everyday :)

Have a nice week..

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