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I adore these people who have an eye for the details, who prepares an excellent sandwich to her/ himself and takes a look at it with joy before eating. Joy of pause and realizing the joy in the moment. I have been in such a haste for days, months and years. It comes and goes, and I did not have the courage to admit myself that it's been going on for so long... I keep blaming moving, travelling, breaking ups, falling in loves, PMS, period cramps, having allergies, the illness of my loved ones. And I somehow find my self not in the life but in some periphery of it. If the details were essential to me, if I wanted to pause and savor the moments of life I would not have chosen that nomadic, academic, fast track, almost non personal life style. I always say that but the moment I buy something for my room, house, even a cloth, I know that I cannot keep it for long. I always eat so fast, and enjoy eating fast a lot. I mostly eat half of the meal while cooking. Nevertheless I start to adore people who are just the opposite of all these. Who can spend hours while choosing a yarn for their little hat that they are going to knit for the first time, who can surf many web pages for their delicious organic salad they had been craving for a while. These people, whatever they do, they create beauty in it... You can see their love for the details and life and work. 

I would love to love details... And savor, and pause. I would love to love to pause. 

More on this coming in the next post.... 

Have a lovely week, Oz

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