I am finally the me who I wanted to be. It's been crazy during and after the holiday times. A lot of new situations that I needed to get adjusted. But finally my soul felt like it was the normal life again.

During my practice today, there was a perfect flux. Did not even think of the next asana, did not think about the time, did not criticize any pose. When I was doing forward bending poses I felt me the more and backward bends the surroundings. I never had such a beautiful practice before. A offered me great tips in some asanas. I love the way the muscles learn to behave differently in these practices. Every muscle you use become individually analyzed. Rotating, flexing, stretching, imagining are all part of the process...

For those who come here to read a bit of logic and philosophy, my logic blog will be up and running soon again with the review of the interesting readings that I am doing currently for my thesis. I would love to get feedbacks from you!

Have a lovely week...

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