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Hello from a sunny, warm day from Berlin. It's sooo warm, soo sunny, sooo nice.. I guess the last days of these.. OK, finally some more pictures of my tiny, cozy room. I am so slow at getting/ buying the stuff, so it was basically quite empty till two days ago. But I like slow and I like empty and I like that finally I can stop myself from being in a hurry and buying things with an urge. This kinda slow and not-so-much consuming life is just easier. But on the other departments of life, the slow did not work, and more deep departments of personal life it's a mess... Probably today is the only day that I am sitting in the same place for more than an hour. And it's because I ditched my yoga class, but I have beach volley in the afternoon, two of them together makes me so exhausted. Last Friday I went to bed at 8:30 pm cos' I was not able to stay up longer... So only one of them on a Friday... Oh the studies... Never enough, never ever never.. I gotta get up earlier or do something...

Have a lovely weekend everyone..

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