Weekend Love


I thought this weekend was gonna be all study and no fun, till I got a phone call for a coffee in the sun, till I got an invitation to the coolest Halloween party in town, till I realized that we have no control over our lives. Yup.. For those, like me, who has been ignorant, for ages what Halloween is about, here is a short intro from  sugarhigh: "On Halloween, according to ancient Celtic beliefs, the border between our world and the ghostly one becomes thin, allowing spirits (both good and evil) to pass over." And my ancient soul came as a French gentleman, whom every girl fell in love with..

All the photos that are not Halloween are the surroundings where I live now, I really like it. And I finally remembered to take my camera with me on my way to Yoga this morning -no sun all gloomy- and on my way to library in the afternoon -sun glasses? Forget it! I wanted the sun rays permeating through my eyes, through my body, through every pore I have on my skin-- . Gotta go, gotta be writing these papers, learn some more German, read and read and read..

Have a great and lucky week everyone...

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