Today, between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm, the amount of the cacao and sugar I have consumed could be illegal. I am longing for my favorite friends, Nin, Asli, B, the Sister, Mein Freund. They would make me tea, give me big hugs, let me cry and talk, feed me and would take care of me as long as I needed. But instead, I just ate lots and lots of chocolate because they all are soo, sooo far away...

I do not want to complain. Moving has a lot of positive sides in it: a new life, possibility of amazingly tasty light installations and the beautiful furniture, making new friends, getting used to a new neighborhood. But, but, of course there is a but. I am sooo, sooo tired. I do not trust my decisions, because I am just too tired, so I change my mind five times in a day about a thing I am about to do which makes me more tired.... And my reaction to stress and being tired is not to sleep, and as you can guess, that is juuuusst great"er". Do you want to hear me not complaining more? Ugh.. I cannot even find my to do list (s!)..I am so lost.. But moving is great.. Right (Say it as Mark Darcy, LOL)

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  1. Oh, moving is so great, I like how you said on my post you would love to escape, me I wish I was moving and having new adventures ... enjoy, I can't wait to hear how you settle in (when the sugar rush and tiredness are gone !!!) Hang in there XXX


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