Weekend Love

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Excuse the unintentionally blurry photos, just was too tired to get some really nice shots, and already feeling sad about it. So, that is how the weekend looked like. I live on the fourth floor of the building which means during my move I saw these doors probably infinitely many times. Aren't they so cool?

My ex-flatmate cooked the most incredible pizza as a fair-well dinner which unfortunately I have no photos of. There was also this amazing Grinderman concert on Thursday, all of'em rocked! And the crazy dancing yesterday. So not only I moved I was very socially attentive to the every event in town.

The first time I came to Berlin I only had two luggages, it's fascinating how fast we humans manage to accumulate stuff.. And I thought I was not getting anything! Anyway, everything is inside the new house now. Cannot believe it..  After this crazy couple of days, I think I will sleep the whole Sunday...

Have a lovely week everybody...

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  1. I am so jealous, I love Grinderman so much, I think I could go as far as saying Nick Cave is one of my favorite men (and a fellow Australian too) ... Great doors and your apartment looks cute !!!


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