2 - Urdhva Vrksasana

Urdhva vrksasana/ tadasana, tree pose... The second step after samasthiti in ashtanga yoga, inhaling, keeping the eyes focused on the thumbs,  feeling the extension of the body, feeling the stretch.... The shoulder blades should be slided down and back, leg muscles should be engaged so as the bandhas. Imagine your spine being long, very long..With ujjayi breathing take a deep breath and the next pose uttasana a./ standing forward bend..

I am taking my lunch break and having a cup of coffee in starbucks. The library ANAMED is so cool, in every sense. My escape from the heat and the world... Although we had a little conflict in the entrance it is a nice place to study.  I finished reading an already half-way-read paper.. How I wish to finish the article I have been dragging with me every possible place you can imagine before I leave Istanbul. Let's keep our hopes high.. Very high...

In the photo my new close friend "the fan" and me, practicing in my parent's living room...I guess the fan is going for samasthiti...

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