1 - Samasthiti

Mountain Pose/Samasthiti/ Tadasana ... The beginning of the ashtanga practice, the beginning of the sun salutation/ surya namaskar..Where one struggles to clear the mind. ... The real form of Samasthiti can be found here. The important part of this pose is to distribute the weight of the body evenly, we need to feel grounded to the earth.

The shoulders must be over hips, hips must be over ankles. The pelvis should be tucked a little, shoulders should be rolled back, and chest need to go up with the inhale with the ujjayi breathing . Big toes must be touching. The other toes must be separated as if holding the ground. The neck should be long.  We are not just standing there, we are aligning the body. Dristhi, in other words the gaze should be at the top of the nose. Your mind should be at the top of your nose too. The bandhas/ locks should be engaged.....Inhale.... Exhale...And the next pose...

Next week, I will talk about Urdhva Vrksasana/ Tree Pose if I can, if my brain is not fried by then. When I was driving I saw a "40" on the indicator panel. First I could not comprehend, then I realized that that was the temperature! I used to be very good with the heat, but I cannot stand it anymore..I literally feel like my brain is fried, boiled and cooked... Yup, I hardly can make sense anymore..

The photo has nothing to do with samasthiti. That's my favorite outfit nowadays and I would like to keep it forever, at least this way...  And it was the closest picture I could find to the pose. How have I never taken a photo of samasthiti at all?! 

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