Focusing... Focusing? We the generation of multitasking are having serious concentration problems. We need to juggle many things... Working, studying, doing the sports we like, pursuing the goals that we did not know that we wanted... Most of the time we do these things to please the others, to have their approval, to make them happy. For 13 years, now I realize that I was not being able to focus on one thing at a time.

 I did my homeworks at work, I did my work on the snowboard camps, and did remaining work in some of the classes. When I was in a party or in vacation I thought about my homeworks, assignments and work. When I was at work I thought and planned about the snowboard camps, vacations.. I thought I was saving time, I thought I was being efficient. But what I have realized only couple of weeks ago, I was not doing anything completely and I was not present in the places I have visited and traveled.

My mind never stops when I do crafts and as a result the crafts turn out to be not the way I like. I remember painting a very detailed pattern on a fabric 13 years ago, my mind was fully there I did an excellent work and I enjoyed painting it so much. When I was knitting the first piece of my pair of socks, my mind was constantly engaged with other stuff, I was not knitting, I was writing my papers, planning and doing assignments... As a result it was full of mistakes. When I was knitting the other pair I was determined to be focused only on the stitches, the progress, the needles. And suddenly that changed everything, I mean in my life too. Now at least I try to focus on the thing I am doing at that present moment, to that thing only... It's hard, but the quality and the pleasure you get is way higher. I hope I never forget this again... To be there, to enjoy the present and to engage the mind to one thing, one thing only at a time...

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  1. thank you for reminding this thought once again, and i'll try to not to forget again!:)

  2. what a beautiful blog you have! I will be looking around more tomorrow. I loved your writing and the design.
    more tomorrow.

  3. Thanks Defne. Hope to see you again this coming year...


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