Memoirs of a lazy weekend

Trying to study in Berlin-Mitte - Last Saturday

Above are the photos from a cafe called Oberholz. I also tried to study there Yesterday, but could not stand their music. If they did not play anything at all I would have stayed there for hours. It was so loud! Even got through my headphones... Ugh I am oversensitive with noise, especially after more than one caffee. 

Recently I have been really bad about following my schedules, replying messages and emails. I want to thank every friend and reader who leaves nice, thoughful comments, sends me follow up emails or messages. I really like them and the feeling is so nice.

I think my "spring" lightheadedness left me. I do really hope that it left me for good. I had a real hard time getting on track - actually still not there, but at least I feel like I am acting-

Happy week everybody!

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