Just a perfect day

I can just say, today was one of the perfect days in my life. My back still hurts slightly, but I started my day with a little bit of restorative yoga, juuust a little bit. Then my flatmate suggested that we can go together to the place where she rides her horse everyday. We put my bike on the back of the car, since I needed to return earlier for my evening Logic class. What a beautiful place and experience that was! All the photos above are taken there. Grossbeeren... Beautiful place only 45 minutes bike ride away from where I live.

So anyway, then I attended my class which I had temptation to run away since I got back from Turkey because I am not working on my thesis - I do not think anybody expects me to, but I am gifted about creating extra stress in my life- Then I got home, went to running for a little while along the beautiful gardens lit by solar lamps as if there were tens of fireflies flying in them. Then I cooked the most delicious meal in my life. Actually twice today :) Oh sometimes the life is so easy, so beautiful, so gracious. How I needed this day in my life! Namaste....

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