Undercover in Fig and Olive...4,5

Fig and Olive... Angel- London.. The best cheesecake ever! Yup, Undercover in London..

I was hiding…  Hiding from the world… When I feel depressed, I try not to make decisions, not to write publicly, not to make a big deal about it. It’s like being drunk. You cannot see anything clearly through it and you make a big deal of really tiny stuff.  It’s the same thing with being too happy in this sense. But anyway, the clouds are lifting ,quite very slowly… but they are lifting…

What about  the secrets of universe then? I just realized today that I will be contradicting with my conclusion if I actually conclude what I will be concluding. Yup..  Basically, I will still write it but, watch it, I will eventually be against theorizing... And how will I argue against it? By theorizing! Hilarious…

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