The Soup

Today at some point I felt so sick, I thought about calling a cab and going back home. I had fever for a while, then I ate lots of green and red stuff in the cafeteria and dozed off in chairs and finally was feeling a bit better. At least I got home.

I have been not taking good care of myself lately. In terms of food, I was eating horribly since I got to Berlin. I am not cooking much at home, and I pick always the least healtiest most saucy food in the Mensa, and for dinner I eat Yoghurt and salty sessame sticks. Of course I was gonna get sick what was I thinking?

I cooked an amazing soup today. Kaan's recipe.... He cooked it once when I had fever for the whole day and it actually helped. It's lentil soup with celeriac, cinnamon, ginger, carrots and with many spices. When I was cooking I turned the music on so my soul could also feel the healing... Really... Why have I been feeling so disconnected from myself lately? It better stop, my body is sending many many signals...

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