Making notebooks

My get well soon present from Mr. Designer :)

Kaan can make notebooks, books, magazines... A hand made universe we have around here! It's so cool. 

I could finally practice -albeit modified- the primary series, after a long break. I practiced but did not feel it for the last couple of days, did not even bother to try yesterday.... I had moon days, then became sick, then I hurt my back. My spine and back were hurting till 2 a.m. this morning, until I decided to take a pain killer. I feel much better today. And finally feeling the after effects of a good practice. 

Last week I noticed that I stopped breathing many times or rather was holding my breath. I do not know still what went wrong with me, but finally I am breathing again. Literally all my muscles can feel it. When you stop breathing the life does not flow through your body and of course many things go wrong. I think I was only taking breath that would be enough for baring a day... 

Got to go..Got to catch the sunny day in London...

Wishing you many deep, relax, rejuvenating breaths...

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