Not a very good Tuesday

I took this photo in Greenwich. And I feel like that today.... My soul's doors are closed when it is rainy ,cold and to any other thing that is apart from what is stated above. It's so cold here! And rainy and not pleasent. I usually like rainy cold weathers but I needed some sunny days...My joints are terribly aching. I keep having these from time to time for years hitherto, I guess I should have it checked at some point.

My computer crashed in the morning and I had to install everything again.. I did not loose much data, I am used to "crashing computers". But today was such a bad timing. Well these things do not have a good timing...

I need to study,.. I made it to the library but the 10 minutes bike ride felt like hours... Please my energy, come back and find me. Damn you moon days..

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