Crazy weekend :Berlin May Day

It was a crazy weekend which cannot be told but can only be lived. I probably need couple of days to recover from it. 

Photos are taken in X-Berg. We were in the middle of the riots almost all the time.  But it felt safe. Cafes did not care, drummers did not care, guests did not care, so we danced near the canal in a garden of a lovely cafe while there were Molotov cocktails being thrown at the police only in 50 meters away. 

This morning as an attempt to integrate to my normal life, I gathered the tools and fixed my bike. It had couple of missing screws, needed oil and some adjustments. Then I took it to the gas station and washed it. It looks brand new- oh no I just want to believe that..

Oh and I got beautiful old style embroidered linen sheets and pillow covers from the Ostbahnof Fleemarket yesterday. They kinda look like this:

I was looking for these, so happy to find one. Image from here

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