Not undercover nowadays..

No undercover story for a while... As I cannot be undercover nowadays..

I know, I know... Just because I am studying Einstein's relativity theory does not mean that I had to look like him at some point. I am so not feeling female-like nowadays and could not care less...

My iron deficiency makes my mind so slow, and my attention is quite distracted. I have to finish the paper I am working on in couple of days so that I can prepare my talk.. Ugh, it feels so difficult. But I think I only need couple of days also for my iron level to become normal, then I can speed up.  I cannot even write here correctly, I have a vague feeling that I am not writing well, neither in English nor in Turkish. But I cannot reason, feelings can still work despite  the iron defficiency :)

I do not know if I will be able to keep up with the blogosphere for the following two weeks, if I cannot, don't worry, I am only travelling, reading, writing, thinking, studying, rebounding, travelling, packing, unpacking... you know the rest.

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