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My first visit to London did not leave me good impressions... It was ten years ago and I could feel the loneliness of the people in the city. My other visits were involved lots of judging and thinking. This last time I felt an embracement from it... I was too depressed to think about anything. When we landed in London, I sat on the plane even after everybody left and thought about going back with the same flight. Who knows, it was Ryanair and, maybe nobody would notice me in the seats. Then I decided I was being quite unreasonable and forced myself to leave the plane. I was on the edge, "about to cry" all the time and of course like every big cosmopolitan, consumer city London fell in love with me... I had lovely days, and loved the crowded subways and streets and consumption. Well I gotta be honest here right. Consumption feels great unfortunately. But fortunately, fortunately I did not have the disposable income to purchase unreasonably.

Today I arrived to Berlin, another cosmopolitan big city. It feels much more different than London. You do not feel the need to consume, you learn the virtues of waiting and embracing the extreme...Then I stopped thinking... I am thinking too much about every place I arrive and live. I think, I judge, I make comparisons and expect too much from or despise the city. Just wanna relax a bit and feel the rythm without any judging... Only if I had not travelled in two days...

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