On a given Friday

Lunch in the garden

Tulips in our garden

On my way to the library

I could sleep my windows open, it was that warm yesterday! Then was woken up by a bee on my window, trying to get out. But the smell of magnolias and lindens were amazing. I sleep too little nowadays. But feeling not bad. Actually, I dozed off in the library yesterday for two hours! Oh boy, these comfy red chairs..

Soooo, there were some tips about hands-free bike riding... You need to take your weight off from the front wheel. I managed it yesterday night! It was a bit of an adrenolous ride :) But today no trying since I have this spring bag with me which makes the balance already weird even with the hands. 

Oh, I am such an expert of procrastination... But I started my paper yesterday night. Hope to add couple of more lines today. No going out for me tonight. But the parties start from noon tomorrow! 

My Doktorandenwagen! 

Here is the famous PhD car! I am considering to apply for cubicles as well. But they are in the main library. And although it is another pleasant one, I cannot give up this trendy, cozy, young Bibliothek just yet.

Happy weekend everybody!

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