Padottanasana D in Kaan's room

I am preparing my lecture for the workshop on space and time. I need to study special relativity as well as general relativity. I hope this will help my PhD thesis as well since I am spending two hours a day, everyday. Well time is interpreted differently. It might help for the interpretation of intuitions. 

Back to real life. I still do my asanas everyday. London is not my soul mate city, but I believe if you are a good traveler you can always find a way to love a certain city. But it's also about the timing. I am already stressed so being in a stressful city does not help much. 

What happened yesterday in my meditation in Savasana was hilarious and weird. I talked about feeling like being connected to the universe through my navel during my meditation in a previous post. But this time during the meditation the image appeared to me was a curly navel cord trying to connect to the center. It's so funny! Also I feel the difference in general if I am in the ground floor or in the upper floors. 

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