This is a favorite asana and I need to loose some weight. I do not have a scale but I eat too much and I know I gained some. Usually I eat too much for a day or two then I go back to my normal self... I have been at the same weight for 10 years now. Last year I lost 2 kilos on our trip to South East Asia. That felt so good. Then the summer in Germany. Oh the beers and the curry wursts. That 2 kilos were back in couple of months..So anyway. What I am saying is that, I have been eating not oh-so-moderately for a month now and it's not good. I don't know what emotional issues I have but gaining weight is making me more stressed anyway. So! This month is dedicated to loose some weight. .. For that I need a routine.. How is that possible when you are travelling... I must program my subconsciousness... Sleeping and waking up at the same hours! This is gonna be a big challenge. I will be an honest person and write here the progresses. 

Yup I studied a bit. Space and Time in Kant. Nope I was not oh-so-brilliant.  


  1. Hey - awesome blog! I like a bit of humour with my calorie counting & yoga.

    Thanks for your comment on my site - any Istanbul tips would be very much appreciated! Do you know where the best place for a hammam treatment is, for instance?

    Thanks loads,


  2. Hey Hanu! Thanks!

    Cemberlitas near Sultanahmet is the one I go. It's the original one but could be really crowded. Early morning would be good I guess. But the atmosphere and treatment is really good.

    Galatasaray Hammam in Taksim is supposed to be good, but it must be really expensive. I haven't tried it..

    Have a lot of fun!
    Feel free to ask more ;)



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