Urdhva Dhanurasana

This asana is supposed to increase energy levels and fight depression. I am quite far away from the complete form...

Woke up early despite the fact that I did not sleep well at all. I keep having dreams about Berlin. I love Berlin but my dreams are nightmarish. Two nights ago, in my dream, I got off the plane thinking that it was Cologne where I have arrived while it was actually /in the dream/ was Berlin. I had my bike in Cologne /I still have it in front of a friend's house/ and left my luggages in the airport since I could not carry them on my bike. I looked and looked and looked for the house I was going to live in. Tried to remember the street name I lived in I could not. But I was in Cologne, but it was Berlin. I woke up exhausted!

Last night I dreamed of my mails that was supposed to arrive when I got back to Berlin. My school registration and semester ticket must have been already in my ex-house. But in my dream it was not there. With my ex-flatmate we went through the stack of mails and could not find them. I was so sad. I also did not like the house I was going to rent in my dream. I woke up exhausted!

Please my mind. I am begging you to let it go. When the time comes you can think about these. I have still 4 lovely days in London. Study and stroll; that's all you need to do. 

Today I will try to be focused in my meditation and practice. Let's see if I can connect to subconscious even a little bit.

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