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I also loved this bedroom. Still the white one is my favorite. Today I am a bit stressed (You can tell from me looking at  comfi room photos :)). It's been quite a fast week. I am back in Izmir. Finished the foreword and sent it to the publishing company. Ordered the book I need for my workshop presentation and got it today. I am also working on our internet project and changing some codes for translating the website into Turkish. 

In Istanbul I went to swimming almost everyday. Was doing my practices briefly :) Today I had two practices. The morning one was quite short, only warm ups, few surya namaskars and a short meditation. But the afternoon one was an almost full primary. That's good. 

This post via Mandy helped a bit with my day:
"The solution is not to suppress our thoughts and desires, for this would be impossible; it would be like trying to keep a pot of water from boiling by pressing down tightly on the lid. The only sensible approach is to train ourselves to observe our thoughts without following them. This deprives them of their compulsive energy and is therefore like removing the pot of boiling water from the fire." ~Lama Thubten Yeshe, Introduction to Tantra

I am working on that...

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