Good news!

I forgot to tell! The post has returned to my address in Berlin! My nice ex-flatmate sent me an email yesterday. Kaan will still get his mittens and scarf. Yay!

So I must be happy and relaxed.. After this translation and foreword completely off my shoulders and with good news and good practices. But nooo, I feel quite stressed and moody..What's wrong with me? We still have couple of days till the full moon. Oh OK.. Just observe...

Maybe the drinks we had in yesterday's fabulous dinner cause my moody mood. Or maybe it's because me being angry at some part of my practice and as a result some energy points got locked--- my shoulder kinda hurts---Or maybe it's because of the today's non-stop eating marathon :) Or maybe I eat and my shoulder hurts because I am in this moody mood. 

Oh I will either knit a bit or read about time travel and cosmological equations before I go to bed....

I'll knit...

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