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I consider myself not-oh-so-this-is-so-cute! person. OK, I had a pink phase for a while.. But come on this is just adorable. 

I have been practicing intensely for the last days. My legs are shaky, muscles of shoulders are rebuilding. I am quite tired. Glad tomorrow is full moon- which means a Yoga-Free day.  

Happy during my practices. Did a full primary series yesterday. Added couple of vinyasas between the asanas. But reluctant and lazy today. A short practiced happened... 

We went for a walk in the afternoon. All of us were so lazy. We hardly pulled our selves from all day sat around cuisine and from our cozy warm kitchen. I would have liked to say it energized me, but no :) I am just as lazy as the minute I woke up. But we have this beautiful photo now. Photo credit: My mother.. In it: Me and my sister..

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