A Friend in Need

There is a little girl here. Kinda scared, growing up, trying to adjust. She flew away from her cozy, secure home,  left her academic life, family, friends and mentors... She is tired and tired of .... She waits for her courage to come back. She needs to establish herself in a new environment, and should send really good papers to her new mentor, must speak German fluently... She is really scared. I will go talk to her now. She can take as much time as she can. I will tell her that everything will be just fine and she will have a beautiful life  with a lot of shiny sunny days in...


  1. Have a look at chicitalinda/latest post. Nice definition i think. Ne demis Rainer Maria Rilke? "You have to learn, learn it with pain: patience is everything!!!" Seni kocaman opuyorum xxx

  2. hey there, you are good at this, you are good at being thrown in and surfacing intact and stronger--its a GREAT adventure, and you know, we LOVE adventures....

  3. oh nin, I am so emotional, is it normal that my eyes got watery when I read your comment!


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