Frozen Berlin

Here is my new room, it's warm and cozy. It has a balcony and a view of a backyard with a huge tree. I just got batteries for my camera, new images will be coming soon :)

My knitting corner :) I realized that I brought more wool than clothes :)

Our kitchen. My flatmate makes excellent coffee...
On Spree people are walking!  Photo is from the morning post of Berlin

The Spree and all the canals are frozen. People are walking playing and sledding on and to the canals :)) Oh it was so much fun. As I did not have the material, I used my feet as my skiing instrument. The last photo was on B-like. Oh I want a sled sooo much.

I have never seen a frozen river before. It's about -15 here. I walked on ice for four hours today! What was I thinking. It was a beautiful walk but I am frozen, my nose is running running running :)

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