A day off...

My room in Cologne, Germany. In the mirror: Me

I took a day off from my daily routine yesterday.  I was already taking a break from all the written assignments but then 11 pm at night I was getting stressed about “must sleep soon”, and then suddenly realized a day off is a day off also from these things, so I let myself goof around until 5 am. It felt soooo good J

I will also not look at my foreword today. It's done, finished, finito… However I must proof read it. For that I need to be alienated from my work, need to forget the logical connections in the paragraphs and the sentences. So that I can look with another eye. Tomorrow I will read it and send it to my two professors for comments. Oh I am so glad I am done with that. Of course there will be corrections and more editing. But the main work about the translation and everything related to it are finished.

I think we will go to shopping and some archeological site visiting today.

Have a wonderful weekend...
Love, Ozge

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