What did you do for grace today?

Photo by Yaprak Arda: Windmills of Bodrum

I woke up, visited Yoga for a while, then decided to pay a visit to the public library in Urla. I used to go to the one in the old building when I was a child and read probably all the children books they had. The new one has no character, it was screaming for you to get out. Nonetheless, I subscribed, got a book and sat for 15 minutes to work. Then left... I miss old libraries, big wooden tables, high ceilings, old style stoves. I really love the library in Bodrum. I miss Bodrum...

Photo: Urla Iskele by panoramio

Anyways, I do not think studying in Urla Library is an option. So I went to the seaside of Urla. Well my mother and sister were already there - I did not know before deciding-. When I called them I asked them to wait. I hopped on a Dolmus and off I went to the beautiful Iskele. The sea was so calm and was like azure. And the moon was already risen. We sat in one of the coziest cafes in Urla, Denizalti Cafe. It's a new one. They have internet and an amazing view. I think I will try to go there everyday and write my paper and foreword. I count this as a step for grace in working and in my world.

And I refused a whole big second bowl of pop corn, I guess that goes for moderation...

What did you do for moderation and grace today?

Love, Ozge

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  1. Denizaltı cafe is awful!! I was there today but the owner of the cafe( ı think) doesn't know how to behave to customers. He shouted us for drinking a bier in my own car outside!! He said here is not a place you can drink beer outside and then come. How can he say this?? also ı paid money to that cafe today two times! how can he talk about something accuring outside?? he should know that the customer is always right!


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