Life Coaching for you and for me

That's two of my presents together. My bookmark and my lovely book. I love both of them. Already reading my "I am a Strange Loop" by Hofstadter. He is a very interesting person. I really like the way he writes and thinks.

The Lesson 1 of the life coaching for academics (this is also for me)

If you planned to study for hours and cannot sit in front of your computer or book, just say that you will spend half an hour on your work. Half an hour is better than nothing, and you almost always will spend more time than that.

Moreover, if you plan to sit for 2 hours or so, you always end up with dawdling on something else in the beginning for  a while. In order to avoid that, program your mind to work/ study and exactly know from where to start in the beginning, before you sit... That's a lifesaver. You can immediately start working.

Applications and jobs
Do not think about the bureaucracy in advance... When the time comes, it will be SO easy. Hence, in the beginning, just think about what you want. Try to imagine yourself after you get in... wherever you like.

When you try to decide what you want to do in life also, try to imagine yourself doing that. If you cannot imagine that, it's even good for a structure to think about what you do after you finished your day with your job, what time you get up, whether you have kids in the house. You might be amazed how these things can make you decide what you want to have as a job in your life..

It feels good to remember these. I hope it works for you guys too...

To be continued...

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