Moderation and grace

Sorry for being away for couple of days. A lot happened in these days... the important thing is, finally I am in Izmir, relaxing..

First of all, I want to thank all my friends who spoiled me by pouring gifts for Xmas, early new year and early birthday. Especially to Kaan, who knows me so well and was my personal Santa Claus for this year. He got me this ring and the watch (and so many other things). He always gets the right thing. I also feel shy because he got me all the things that I said I liked in this blog. I might upload the photos of other gifts from friends in time. Let's see where the life is taking us...

My mother has a method of changing behaviors that she does not like. She puts a ring on her finger and says: "OK, whenever I think too much over the past I will look at this ring and stop" or for some other things... It actually works! So this ring will remind me of two things. Moderation and grace... The perfectly sized  onyx will remind me of moderation and the pearl which stands in such a beautiful way next to it will remind me of grace. I intend to exercise, eat, drink, study in moderation. And the grace should show up itself in my writings, personality, in my yoga practice and in my world.

I had a medium length Yoga practice and felt really good. How appropriate for this post :)

Have a lovely week everybody..

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