Translation Sent!

Photo from edge.

I sent it I sent it!
I could not stop checking for hours. Now it's sent. I could still check it, you know. But it's been 2 years. Whatever is misprinted, mistyped will stay in that way...
Tomorrow the foreword...

If 50 or more people would be able to check it than it would be almost perfect. So, not as an individual but as a whole we approach the perfection..Instead of critisizing, we need to start correcting then.

I was thinking about the way news are arriving to us. It's all about  the scene, and who did what wrong, and who is guilty... Even the news about environment and peacemaking etc. There is hardly any solution offered with the news. That said, in order to be consistent, after stating the fact I am offering a possible solution. Please change the way you criticize people and the way you deliver the news, always offer a possible solution. Then the world will be a much better place.

Wow, Goedel had effected me in quite an unexpected way...

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