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I can change my mind about social life ten times a day... Learning too much in too little time tells me not to have strong opinions about things, but that really pisses some people off. And, me, hating conflicts, after being a wild conflicting person for 28 years, is trying to have ideas, opinions about things just not to make people really mad or disappointed in me. Well not true, my PhD thesis is about finding objective truths... So deep down inside I kinda know that there are some absolute truths. Are there? See... On a good day, I spend couple of hours thinking about these things in this way...I don't know maybe I do not... Can I just stop? Please?

Apart from torturing my self as in the above paragraph, I do ashtanga yoga everyday, and love libraries and having the excuse to study when there is a social event that I do not want to join. Was that just too much information?

I want to be good at crafts, especially knitting but I just spend too much time on the internet when I do not study. Well, when I study too. Sigh... I should really stop that. So anyway, I really want to be good at crafts. You can find some of my creations in this blog. Just click the craft label in the labels.. See how organized I am? That's another thing I want to be really good at, organizing. I am obsessed with and never find myself adequately good at it.

Having studied, trained, worked and traveled all my life I have lot's of advices, cannot keep them in and they are just pouring out. If you need any coaching just email me at ozge dot ekin at gmail dot com and let me be the guide, I am really good at it, and I just love guiding. Seriously..


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