Sleepless in Koeln

I was doing really good this week, but then comes a night without any sleep. I am not feeling tired. Well I was all ready to go to sleep then I start to think about my coming month with a lot of bureaucracy and stress. Then thought about the emails to be send, planes tickets to be bought. Whether if I should go to the conference next week or stay here? If I stay in Koeln where should I stay? Should I go to Berlin in September or October? Should I take the IELTS test or try to convince the guys in Berlin that I do not need it? Should I go to Berlin next week and see the people in registration in person? If I take the test should I take it here or in Izmir or in Berlin or in Istanbul? What if I cannot get the scholarship? When am I going to be able to talk German fluently?... Then it was already 5 in the morning.

Well my moon days are not here, and the new moon is gone. So now I will do yoga I guess..

Here and now, where is my here and now?

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