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Bodrum is an amazing rest spot in the winters. I love it in all 4 seasons. It has different energies in all weathers, in crowd, in loneliness.

I was trying to write a paper, instead I decided to create this blog. Since I did not want to forget what I do here and wanted to share some useful tips for the visitors.

Today we went to see the windmills. You can see both gulfs from the top, Bodrum main marina and Gumbet. Then we went to the Bodrum Hamam. Oh my hamam days, I love hamam. Turkish Bath. It's my definition of rejuvenation. It was a nice one too. The peeling and bubble massage I recommend but not the oil massage after them. It's cheap but not very relaxing. Overall the place is clean, big and comfortable. I will go next time I am here.

We made plans for drinking raki when the sun sets, in the side of the road that goes from Bitez to Ortakent (Dilek Yolu). The view is amazing. I hope we can do it sometime.

We also went to Turgutreis Bazaar yesterday. Bought some fruits and honey for our delicous breakfast. We went to Bodrum's Bazaar too. We love Bazaars! So Bazaar days of Bodrum: Friday (near otogar), Turgutreis: Saturday (across the Migros there is a street takes you to the Bazaar). You can park your car in the parking lot of Migros.

Then we went to Sunger Pizza, our tradition in Bodrum. Yummy food, good beer, nice people around and very nice waiters. Garlic Bread and Season Salad are my favorites. All their pizzas are good of course. Then we went to OASIS, Bodrum's shopping mall. It even has a looking good Chinese restaurant, with an open buffee in lunch hours (except sundays) for 12 lira. We haven't tried yet.. But we found a place that we can rent DVDs, which made us very happy.

The Korfez Bar which is the coolest bar/ pub in town is closed this winter, so a DVD meant a lot :)

We went to the library on Friday for me to study and for K to work. It is an old wooden house which is in the main shopping district. It has free wi fi and a lot of books, English and Turkish. Entrance is free of identity and charge. The inside is quite relaxing and inviting. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays, and open other days from 9-5 with a lunch break from 12-1.

My favorite patisserie here in Bodrum is Yunuslar. The deserts are delicious but my favorite is dereotlu pogaca. Which is a salty palm size bun with cheese filling and pieces of dill on top. We usually buy some patisserie in the afternoons and go to the tea house in the corner of Marina and drink our teas. This time we did not have time for that. Hopefully next time..

Bodrum is a great place to dive. I usually go diving with Erman Diving. I love their professionalism. They have one big boat and one speed boat /zodiac. So even if you are two people they take you out for diving.

The Ortakent beach is one of my favorite. I stay in Bodrum Suites. They are amazing. You get there by "Dolmus" which is a small bus. There are many dolmuses in Turkey. They connect districts of a city usually. You can take them from Otogar in Bodrum. It takes 30 minutes to arrive here from Bodrum city center. It's very calm in the winter days. I love love love Bodrum.

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