The days were full of things to do. I am waiting for the feedback of my thesis and when you have no PhD thesis to be written you have a lot of time on your hands. I was at a philosophy meeting for three days in Verlorenwasser -part of the old DDR in Brandenburg- where there were no internet, almost no network for phones but pine trees and nice people. Then all the sports that can be practiced for the last months! We played tennis, biked for hours, walked for a day, learned inline skating, played badmington, swam in lakes. I am so grateful I had -and have this time. I now even have a job for 6 months starting from October. Which means I have still all remaining the summer days, without having to worry about finding a job and doing job applications. Bliss, bliss bliss.. 

Last weekend we went for a hike in Bad Belzig. Walked for 15 km from Bad Belzig to Wiesenburg. Don't I love Germany for all these amazing hiking routes. They made an art walking path in the middle of farms, forests and villages. There were Art Nouveaus/ Jugendstil structures every couple of kilometers. I really liked the wulf structures in the middle of a shady place where I got kind of scared. I should find the picture of it... Then we picked up a sun flower and ate the the seeds for some time. When we sat on a bench looking at  a corp farm and pine tree scenary we saw deers running in the corp land.. They jumped and ran-hop hop and left us with a beautiful memory. Before that we saw baby squirrels, scared to move and hardly opening their eyes. I am so grateful that we have the time, resources and energy to do these things.. -At least till I get the feedback of the thesis ;)

Top 6 Photos- Philosophy meeting in Verlorenwasser- eating around the fire, staying in Ferienpark bungalows, early and late walks in the forest. Photo 7- Tempelhof Park the day we started to learn inline-skating- the sky poured all the water it was holding for days in just an hour and then stopped - leaving us with this beautiful view. Photo 8 and 9- me walking and resting in the most beautiful hike of years- Last two photos, Onur - training for olympics in the forest path - we watch a lot the olympic games and sometimes in full throttle regarding any kind of training - :) and picking up a sun flower for us. 

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