Lightening Up and Being a Philosopher: Are they contradictory?

Now I am faced with a dilemma: how to be a lightened up person and be a serious philosopher? Being a lightened  up person kinda requires being spontaneous, going with the flow, not being a perfectionist. Being a good philosopher or academic writer requires being patient, consistent, hard working, rigorous. Could I be both? 

I have been always afraid of this blog being discovered by my professors or future students and me being judged about who I am. They will discover that I am not this gloomy serious philosopher that I should be. Poor me... In the cost of not being pretentious and being honest I will be judged for not being "good enough".

In my mental picture a good philosopher sits in a leather arm chair, it's an old man, with a serious look and a thoughtful feature, listens only classical music and talks about politics or about new advancements in brain surgeries or some other serious stuff. And, of course, "he" does not believe in Reiki or other spiritual healing methods and does not practice yoga. And guess what, of course this is not me. At the very least I am not an old man! And I hate politics, do not read news regularly because I think the media channels mostly give distorted information and the only serious stuff I am interested in -apart from the things related to my dissertation- is cosmological models of universes which allows time travels -which is quite cool right?- but of course not good enough..

In my other mental picture, a light person does not care much about the negative part of the world, eats strawberries and chocolates, and dances to the silly tunes by herself. "She" does not care about being consistent and coherent in writing, but being creative and fun. She does not own a desk to study, and walks around, wears colorful dresses, drives a motorbike and smiles at everyone in the street. And of course, this is not me, because  at the very least I own a desk where I spent most of my day. 

There is definitely something wrong with my mental pictures, I know. I just did not realize till this day.  And mental pictures are powerful things. . The way we represent the world to us is mostly  in pictures filtered by our value and belief systems. You did not think we can have a complete and objective picture of what really is going on in the world with so many variables in it, did you? 

So here is the news, I need to have better mental pictures to unite these two extremes. I do not think it's easy but I aim to give it a try.. Any suggestions are welcome ;)

On another note, I loved this hot PHD topic and beautifully written defense of it:

And I cut my hair according to this hilarious tutorial. I have always cut my own hair (since 6 years old, ehm), but never that easily. Meghan Currie, a fabulous yoga teacher, is kinda my inspiration nowadays for my lightening up project. I love it,  where she says in the video, cut the parts of your hair that holding you back in life :)

Photos: My desk with diagrammatical summaries for the chapter. And my new hair - a part of lightening up project- excuse the swollen face due to over-sleeping- again a part of lightening up project- only for today :). 


  1. Well, one thing that springs to mind is the amount of laughing that the Dalai Lama seems to do! Also I'd say Tove Jansson's Moomin books and AA Milne's Winnie The Pooh stories are perfect examples of philosophy and 'lightness' combined.

    1. That's really a nice example: Dalai Lama and laugh. This is the first time I am hearing about Moomin, I will check it out. I really like Calvin and Hobbes too, it series are my "save me from the dark side comics", but I am not sure I would characterize it as light, Calvin is quite dark :)

      Never thought about the Pooh that way, I only watched the cartoon.. Should make a note to check these out. Thanks Nina xxx


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