A farewell?


Since I started this blog, so many things changed in my life, I have lived in two countries and four cities, Izmir, Istanbul, Cologne and now in Berlin. My vagabond soul seems to be evolved and I feel rooted. I realized it's not the cities you are in that makes you feel at home, it's your attitude towards them. Now I feel at home almost wherever I go. 

I feel like the story of this blog is coming to an end, just to start maybe in a new place. 

The thesis is still intensely progressing. Now the editing part is dealt with- I thought editing would be easier- but no, it takes more time than writing.... I am exhausted most of the time. But I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I guess this is a farewell... I might come to publish here where the new story is told, if it ever be told or took place really. 

I enjoyed this space, I still look at the photos from time to time and like to remember the bright side of my daily life. 

So good bye for now.. Alles gute! 

Photos from our family vacation with my sister and my parents last summer in Cunda-Turkey...

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  1. Hello!
    Unfortunately this is my first & apparently also the last comment.
    I have been following only two blogs in this hard to catch bloggers world; "World of Oz" and "Human Sphere - Defne Suman" and I must confess both had an important impact on my life. And I must also confess that I will miss your photos.
    Have a gorgeous life ...
    Kemal Raşa


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