Yesterday's 5 hour bike ride... It only consisted of 20 minutes of suburbia biking, most of it was in the city. Oh, well, finally something to combat the winter blues. My yoga is not enough for conquering the feeling of not seeing the sun for many many weeks. In this last week the I and the sun made a contact in total for 10 seconds maybe. I know this is hard to understand for north Europeans, but people who grew up in sunny climates get seriously depressed in this kinda winters. The last two winters were so sunny and snowy in Berlin, I only remember them as so much fun. This winter: no snow, no sun, no fun. Sigh...

So, I decided to use the bike, to go everywhere. The city's weather is not so clean but it's OK. Yesterday, I had to go to the library to return and borrow some books, so in total 40 kilometers I biked. I was frozen and so tired, I had to stay under the very warm water for a long time :) And ate this huge meal! I finished it all! Salad with broccoli, eggs with cheese and toasted bread with cheese and tomato paste. Then went out with a friend and got drunk with non-alcoholic beers :) That was really funny. I had the best sleep of the last two years I think.

Now I have to start writing some additions to my thesis. I am having difficulty with starting nowadays. I read somewhere that, the difficulty with starting is not the lack of motivation but the ability to turn off thinking and just do what you have to do. I realize this so much in my yoga practice. I catch my self bargaining with myself for the next asanas: " oh you can skip this one, you will do this one tomorrow, maybe you should do today for one hour..." on and on and on. It's the same with writing  academic stuff. I just need to learn to turn off the bargain-thinking :) Working on that..

Photo: The bike- road to the university, the dinner, me -swollen-face because of biking in the cold weather for hours...

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