For some people this  pose, Marichyasana c, is very hard. But since I have longer arms relative to my body it's so easy for me. I could do it  after one month of practicing Ashtanga. What is challenging for me is forward bends. I have very short and strong hamstrings due to my earlier sport history (basketball, snowboarding). And stretching hamstrings is painful and difficult for me, and even my back gets tense when I do forward bends.

Today,  the day has started slowly in terms of studying and yoga. I still haven't practiced and I still haven't added any words to my thesis. But today is my - I do not have to go out- day. So no hurry. And there is Sun! Oh I woke up and saw the Sun! I opened my window, to a very cold weather and closed my eyes and let the sun warm my face despite the -3 C.

OK hoping for a prolific day for my self. The planning for me...

Today so far: vacuumed the house, the laundry is being done by the machines :)
Today plan: additional slides for the talk, yoga, out for 1, 5 hour, thesis section 1.1 finish
Today's motto: what will you do in next 5 minutes? : 6 Sun Salutations then onward!

Have a lovely Thursday, and here are some photos from sunny Berlin..

Warschauer Strasse U- Bahn on a sunny day. (From two weeks ago Sunday)
The sun in the bedroom  (From this morning)

Grunewald, (from February 2010) during a walk I took in the forest.. The sun is almost setting...

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